West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC Is the Prominent Escalator Cleaning Company in California!

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From San Diego to Orange County to Los Angeles to the Bay Area, West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC is the prominent escalator cleaning company in the state of California! Using the top-of-the-line Rotomac escalator cleaning equipment, West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC is the preferred choice for Fortune 500 companies, convention centers, movie theater chains, shopping malls, airports, retail stores and other locations with escalators. Based in California, West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC allocates escalator cleaning equipment specifically for the state to allow quick response time for jobs within the region.

West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC establishes strong rapport with their clients that generates on-going relationships and extended business with referrals based on their work, price points and experience. For large jobs, West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC is fortunate to have multiple Rotomac escalator cleaning machines which reduce cleaning time when multiple machines are cleaning simultaneously. This is unique in the escalator cleaning industry as most companies cannot offer this service.

Typically, work is conducted after hours although work is scheduled by the client's schedule. Once our trained technicians arrive on site, they begin the transformation from greasy, grimy, gritty, dirty steps and risers to clean and pristine. The common question of "how often should we have our escalators cleaned?" is not an exact science. Foot traffic, location of escalators, mechanical condition, weather elements and overall threshold for cleanliness all formulate the answer of "how often should they be cleaned?"

While conducting escalator cleaning in California, West Coast Escalator Cleaning is very attune with identifying problems with the escalators. This includes but not limited to: excessive grease on steps and risers, broken treads, damaged comb plates and other potential hazards that might cause damage or injury.

West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC was awarded recently the Best Vendor by a large retailer. This award demonstrates the commitment to their clients, their service they provide and a strong partnership that they have forged together. Being only one of several escalator cleaning specific companies in the nation, West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC is committed to providing the best service at comfortable price points.

California, the Golden State is well represented by West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC for escalator cleaning services. West Coast Escalator Cleaning provides one stop service available 24-7, and will provide discounts when large jobs and multiple locations within the same company are cleaned.

Typically, cleaning a set of escalators using Rotomac escalator cleaning equipment will take approximately 10 hours. A "standard" 1-up / 1-down location will take one overnight cleaning session to clean a set of escalators. The cleaning method is tried and proven while the cleaning agents that are used are green seal with highly effective results. The overall escalator step's condition will dictate the end result of the cleaning. For example, an escalator that is 30 years old, never professionally cleaned with chipped paint, marred steps and other imperfections will have a different end result than a 2 year old, well maintained escalator. Regardless of the age or imperfections, our escalator cleaning process will provide the optimum end result that each escalator can possibly produce. Not all results will be the same, with the escalator cleaning equipment that West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC utilizes, your chances increase that your desired result will be achieved.