Escalator cleaning – does I need to hire professional service?

Escalator cleaning services make your facility clean and shining bright; be it airport, hotels, hospitals, restaurants or offices. Many professional cleaning services adapt state of the art equipment with skilled and trained technicians who know how to carry out the job technically. The professional services save time and money as they have the right products and machinery to delivery efficient results.

In olden days it was almost impossible to clean the escalators as few weeks were required to clean those. To carry out the cleaning one would require shifting his/her office with the entire machinery and furniture. The professional cleaning services use high end machinery which cleans the facility in hours with no business downtime. These machines are fitted to the escalator which cleans the steps and risers simultaneously.

It is now very easy as Cleaning services offer 24/7 services for their customers and have approved safety standards. The survey reveals that hiring professional services can clean your facility three times faster and it’s effective instead of doing on your own. The cleaning professionals offer the cleaning services at affordable prices, and one can request for a cleaning estimate.

High quality Cleaning machines in the cleaning industry like Rotomac are used for the purpose. These cleaning giants have rotating brushes which allow the machine to clean in a ‘wet mode’ and the brushes adjust as per the machine speed. These machines clean the steps and risers simultaneously; even the handrails or railing boards are cleaned. The brushes collect the debris and dirt and store them into the recovery tank. These machine brushes are more effective than a broom or hand brushes. During this process an eco-friendly detergent is sprayed through the nozzles to loosen up the dirt and remove stains. There are some parts where machine brushes cannot reach, which are required to be cleaned by hand. Once the cleaning is completed the entire escalator is inspected and verified to see if the cleaning is properly done. Proper training is given to technicians to operate Rotomac machines as they are heavy and the operator should know the procedure to install it perfectly. Right functioning can give the effective results and can be operated without any error. It is easy to transport the machine and easy to move around due to the wheels fitted at the base. One person can easily transport and machine and solely carry out the cleaning once proper training is provided. An amateur person cannot work on these machines; hence it is required to hire a professional service provider to carry out the cleaning as per precise requirements of the facility owner.

A clean escalator increases the life of the escalator and can avoid accidents further resulting into any lawsuit. Clean and tidy escalators make the facility look hygienic and attract customers. Most of the escalator Cleaning provides services nationwide with excellent quality and competitive prices. They give free estimates to customers who wish to perform the cleaning at their facility. Their vision is to exceed expectations of the customer and ensure highest standards of cleanliness. Their products and services are best in the industry. In today’s competitive business industry visual impact plays a key role, as every business should display professionalism. And so pleasing, eye catching escalators are the first thing visitors will notice creating a positive impression on them. Also the cleaning should be carried to increase the life of the escalator, which reduces wear and tear and maintains its shine.

Some of the visible benefits of escalator cleaning services are saving money and time, extended life of escalators, no dismantling and assembling, detailed cleaning, less maintenance, does not damage electrical fittings or the escalator paint, cost effective, same rates are applicable for weekend services, offer multiple cleaning options and usage of environmentally friendly products.

Look for a professional and reliable escalator cleaning services today and enjoy hassle free cleaning now.

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Why a Reputed Escalator Cleaning Service Provider should be hired?

Do you have an escalator at your place of business which needs cleaning? If you do, the best people to hire or contract is a professional escalator cleaning company which has a good reputation and well established with experience. By hiring West Coast Escalator Cleaning, they will thoroughly get that escalator deep cleaned for you and you will not have to worry about its appearance. Although hard to predict the frequency, an on-going cleaning schedule to maintain the appearance is highly recommended. Now the question arises, why choose a reputed company instead of a “jack of all trades” cleaning company? Here are a few reasons if not all.

The staff is skilled

In practicality the main purpose of hiring an escalator cleaning services provider is for getting the escalator thoroughly clean. A reputed cleaning company hires only skilled and trained staff which knows the various areas of an escalator which need cleaning and the proper techniques to do so. Being skilled, the staff performs the cleaning task in lesser amount of time than any amateur and hence it’s more convenient for you. An escalator cannot be kept closed for maintenance for a long time as it may cause inconvenience to your customers.

The equipment is up to date

A professional escalator cleaning company should always have up to date equipment for cleaning the escalators. The equipment West Coast Escalator Cleaning uses is the latest and top-of-the-line in the market. The European built Rotomac equipment performs better than any other machine type. Also, your time is saved when such highly upgraded equipment is used. The better the equipment, the better the service provided.

Prices are reasonable

West Coast Escalator Cleaning provides economically reasonable rates for the service they deliver. West Coast Escalator Cleaning provides all the services for cleaning all kinds of escalators – standard and moving sidewalks. The standard services provided typically consists of deep cleaning of steps and risers where all the dirt, grit and grime is cleaned and removed and the landings (on the top and bottom of the escalator).

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How the Rotomac Escalator Cleaning Equipment Cleans your Escalators

When you hire West Coast Escalator Cleaning  to do the thorough cleaning of your  office, airport, shopping malls escalators, they bring along with them top-of-the-line Rotomac Escalator cleaning equipment.

The cleaning machine has brush bristles on the underside rotate in a wet mode to clean the escalator. These bristles of the brush are rotated on specific speeds and these ensure that all loose dust and dirt is extracted from the tread area and the surface of the escalator. The bristles rotate in such a way that everything is cleaned and captured into the recovery tank. This is much more advantageous than a hand brush or broom and is extremely effective over these methods.

During this process, only a small quantity of the cleaning solution is released through spray nozzles calculated to dispense the proper amount. Rotomac equipment has a powerful system for vacuuming the escalator. The vacuuming is done efficiently with the help of the machines and hence dirt which has stuck on to the escalator also loosens up and is sucked up by the cleaning machine. These machines are so designed that they can stand still on a still escalator and hence thoroughly clean it from in and out. Aluminum used in the manufacturing of escalators is not damaged at all when these machines are used in cleaning it. Instead it is left cleaning and sparkling as new once a cleaning machine has been used to clean the escalator. Exception being when the steps are aged with physical damage, stains and further imperfections.

The Rotomac Escalator cleaning equipment used should be handled only by trained staff of any escalator cleaning company that uses this equipment. As these machines are heavy, they should be handled with care and installed correctly on the escalator to get maximum output from them. They are easy to move around and have good mobility wheels attached to them so that cleaning more than one escalator in one establishment is easy.

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How is an Escalator Cleaned by an Escalator Cleaning Services Provider?

Do you have an escalator at your worksite? Then you need it cleaned regularly as there are millions of germs which get settled on the landing areas, the steps, risers and the hand railings. Even the railing side boards are not spared and would have lots and lots of dirt and dust accumulated on it. This is all because the escalator is in continuous use and thousands of people travel on it daily. It is bound to get dirty. Hence a regular cleaning is needed to keep it dust, dirt, grime, grease and contamination free. Any professional escalator cleaning services provider would always clean the escalator in two basic ways. These are explained below in brief.

Cleaning machines

Mostly, all escalator cleaning companies have machines which are used in cleaning the escalator thoroughly. All machines are not created equal and West Coast Escalator Cleaning uses the Rotomac where each step and every riserof the escalator is cleaned. These machines remove all the loose dust, grease and dirt and then thoroughly deep clean the escalators. Escalators have treads in them for better grip when you stand on it. These treads are the most problematic areas and this is where much of the dirt and grease accumulates. These treads are extracted thoroughly and all dirt, grime, grit and greaseis removed through a wet process.

By Hand

Some areas of the escalator are such that no machine reaches there. In such areas the cleaning is done by hand by expert and trained staff members. The spots which are hard to reach and where a machine cannot reach are cleaned by hand and inspected for any residual dirt, grime, grit and grease. All areas which are cleaned by machine are also rechecked by hand and inspected for any remaining dirt. This ensures double cleaning and hence completes cleaning of the escalator.

The above mentioned points would help you understand why an escalator cleaning services provider is required to do the job of cleaning. Any amateur person or a cleaning staff of your office cannot do this and hence an annual contract of cleaning of the escalator, with a reputed company, is required to keep the escalator going and clean.

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